Creating a footprint for Dr. Roth Mobile Vet Services

After my first meeting with Dr. Roth I knew that we were going to have a great partnership. She explained to me her new business that she was going to start. It was something new and adventurous in the area. She explained that she was going to provide vet services in the comfort of their own homes. I knew this was something a lot of people are going to need. It is a struggle to bring your pets into the vet (even harder for the older community and people with disabilities). I began to listen to her journey and how this new business venture could help so many people along the way. So I started with designing logos, social media, business cards, photo shoot, and truck graphics. Then it escalated to postcards, website, social ads, marketing materials, videos, and so much more!! She basically covered a majority of my services. Here is a quick snapshot at just a couple of items provided.