About Brandon

“Growing up, I was always in tune with nature and its beauty. As a child, I would often explore the outdoors, taking apart the elements and understanding how they worked. I would then put them together in new and creative ways, always seeking to capture the essence of the natural world. As I grew older, my love for nature deepened and I found myself drawn to using reclaimed and live-edge woods, metals, paints, and found objects to create my art. I found that this medium helped me to create pieces that were not only beautiful but also connected to the earth. Painting and drawing were always a natural expression for me and now I strive to infuse my art with the essence of nature, every piece I create is a reflection of my love for the natural world. "


Brandon DeNormandie (born 1981 in Oak Forest, IL) is an artist who currently resides in the picturesque countryside of Manteno, IL with his wife, dog, and horses. He specializes in transforming a wide range of mediums into captivating pieces of art that are inspired by the great outdoors. From wildlife, nature, mountains, landscapes, lamps, and everything in between, his work is a reflection of his deep connection to the natural world.




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