Turning heads in Wauconda, IL

A group of friends in Wauconda Illinois had a passion for cars that goes beyond a hobby. In 2014 they started lining the downtown streets with classic cars, muscle cars, and hot rods. They started small and grew the years to over 600 cars. With an event that size happening 4 times a year, they knew that this was a new staple and had to be modified. Given the growth, they wanted to re-brand themself to something that had more spirt. They approached me to come up with a new brand, logo, gear, posters, flyers, etc... Given my passion and love for vintage cars/trucks, this was a perfect match. We created over 10 different brands that had the look we were going for. It was vintage, cool, and encapsulated a new era of the cruise nights. Here are a few samples of the work that was done that year for Wauconda Cruise Night. Check them out for more details here! waucondacruisenight.com